How and where can I check the status of my order?

Every customer gets an email notification with the schedule of our work after placing an order and when the order is completed. If you do not notice any changes to the numbers of social signals such as users, likes, shares, tweets, etc., please contact us ASAP.

Does the service require the password from my social network account?

No. We do not need your login or password to work with your account. All of the results of our work are seen in the profile (likes, followers or subscribers, shares, comments, etc.)

Are likes, shares and comments targeted?

Our service is targeted to attract an English speaking audience to your social network accounts. However, user activity on your pages will be taken into consideration by the social network algorithms and your accounts will be promoted to a wider potential audience. Your news and updates will also get more news feeds and will be shown to more people and their contacts. However, we cannot control the social media algorithms and their promotion of every popular page.

Can several pages be promoted within a single order?

Every social network account needs individual order. There is a flexible choice of services that you can order for each page or account. You should examine our plans for SMM services or contact us to choose the best service pack for your page with all possible discounts, which are now valid, applied.

Is your service safe for my account on social networks?

Our service is completely safe for your account. We do not apply automatic promotion methods. We perform the same actions as you to promote your page daily. All of the social signal boosts are reached organically through our service.

How can I contact you? I can not find answers to some questions.

Visit our contact page to find the best way to contact us. Our contact page is here.

Is payment system on your website secure?

First, we are a verified seller of service. We only use secure, trusted and verified payment methods. We use 2checkout.com service, since your security is our highest priority. All payments are made through a secured and encrypted connection. We do not store sensitive financial information on our servers.

Can I see the pages of the SMMboost service on social networks?

We keep our social network profiles confidential in order to avoid misunderstandings and claims from users who might accuse us of the artificial boosting of social signals in the accounts.

What type of audience will be attracted to my accounts via your service?

Our service directs only real users like you and me. We attract our audience from mostly English speaking countries such as the UK, Canada, U.S., and other European and Asian countries.

How long does it take to complete the order and to reach the goal?

The lead time will vary with each individual case. The details and schedule for the campaign you order will be sent to your email. This will enable you to control the fulfillment of the order. It is important to recognize that the social network algorithms are constantly changing. These changes are out of our control. Our service is flexible and can be adjusted to the changing conditions of the algorithms. However, these changes can affect the delivery time of the campaign.

How long does it take to launch my SMM campaign?

The work order begins as soon as you place the order. However, it takes time to fine tune the campaign and to target our users in order to filter your target audience. It takes an average of 24 to 48 hours to begin to direct traffic to your social network accounts. The time will also depend on which package of services you choose.

What are the benefits of Smmboost service?

Social media determine the success of your online business. This accomplished by boosting direct traffic to your website, converting your target audience into real customers and increasing your SERP ranking. SMM effectively increases the reach to your target audience. It is one of the most effective ways to promote your product or service directly to your audience. Social networks recommend your account to potential users by showing its news and updates in the news feeds of potential users. By reaching a wider target audience, you increase your chances for conversion.